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Where housing innovation is shaped.


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Residential and comercial spaces in tune with nature


Muda Reserve

Kōzōwood engineered this ambitious project exclusively with mixed mass timber construction techniques.

Wood houses make for sustainable homes. Let’s unpack the artistry behind them

Sturdily beautiful.Warm, bright.Naturally comforting.Timelessly modern.

Effortlessly sustainable.The perfect living space.Built just like in your mind.

Things are shaping up. Let’s turn your dream house into your reality.

If you have a vision, we will build it. From modular to custom projects, all perfectly sustainable.

Tailored houses to answer your architectural vision.


Charming modular wood houses, fit to your dreams.

Flexible delivery: swift or unhurried. Your call.

With or without architectural designs? We've got you covered.


Looking for mass timber?

We specialise in researching, developing, and producing mass timber panels and glued laminated beams, offering you the building blocks you need.

Let inspiration take shape Let inspiration take shape

Let inspiration

take shape

Need a future-proofed, sustainable space?

We streamline communication with specialized architects who are ready to bring your ideal wooden home to fruition.

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